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We are changing our name to Truss today!

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Shared by Matthew • March 13, 2023

Hi there,

Today is the big day! Last week we emailed you about an upcoming name change, and now it’s live.

But that’s not everything: With our new name and brand, we are also launching a highly requested new feature: Universal checkout links.

More below.

What the name change means for you

You can expect the same trusted platform with:

You can continue to use your existing MazumaGo cards for the time being. We will replace these in the next few months with new Truss cards.

There will be no service interruptions with this change. To explain any branding adjustments to clients, please access our free email template. There is also a new security page you can share.

What’s in a name?

Over the last year, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to business owners in the industry and continue to do so every day. We understand how challenging it can be to run a construction business, manage job sites and maintain a healthy cash flow.

A truss gives a stable form capable of supporting considerable external load.

Similarly, we want to support you in doing your job and remove the added stress of sending and collecting payments. Our mission is to make moving money as simple as possible, so you can focus on what really matters: Growing your business.

More about our rationale behind the updates and what they represent for our company and you in our latest blog post.

New Feature: Universal checkout link

It’s now easier for your clients to view and pay all of their payment requests in one place, and it’s simpler to collect payments for you.

From your dashboard, set your checkout ID to create a permanent link unique to your company. When your customers accept a payment request, they will be directed to a portal of all their outstanding and paid requests.

This means you no longer have to worry about different payment request links for each transaction. All payment requests for one customer are accessible through the same link.

See what the new checkout will look like for your customers:

Tell us what you think.

We’ve put a lot of thought into our new look and product update, and we’d love to hear from you! We couldn’t have come this far without your support.

Let’s keep money moving.

Matthew Smith

CEO & Co-Founder