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Contacts are now 'Customers' & 'Vendors'

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Shared by Matthew • December 05, 2023

We're thrilled to share some important updates to Truss. Our team is committed to continuously improving your experience, and these latest enhancements are designed to streamline your financial operations even more effectively.

Here's a quick walk-through video of what's new – or keep reading below.

1. Simplified customer & vendor management

We've revamped the 'Contacts' section! Now, you can easily distinguish between customers and vendors:

  • Customers Tab: All contacts from whom you've requested payments.
  • Vendors Tab: All contacts to whom you've sent payments.

This update requires no action from you. Contacts are automatically categorized based on your previous transactions.

Note: The same contact can appear in both tabs if applicable.

2. Multiple customer email options

To ensure greater flexibility for your customers, you can now add both a primary and secondary email to each customer. This means that payment requests can be accepted and paid by either email recipient.

3. Send payment via Direct Deposit

To enhance the convenience for your vendors, we've introduced a direct deposit feature. You can now effortlessly transfer funds to your vendors' bank accounts by entering their routing information. This streamlined process deposits the money directly into their accounts, eliminating the need for them to accept each payment.

4. Default payment methods for vendors

You now have more control over how you pay your vendors by setting a default payment option. Choose between:

  • Sending payments via email, allowing vendors to select their preferred deposit account
  • Direct bank transfers using routing numbers

5. Comprehensive transaction history

Visit any customer or vendor page to view all associated transactions, providing you with a clear and detailed financial history.

6. Instant payables with verified Truss network

Adding a new vendor? If they're already part of the Truss network, you can quickly select them for instant payables, without having to add additional payment information.

We are excited for you to experience these updates and are confident they will make managing your business finances smoother and more efficient. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is here to help.