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Shared by Matthew β€’ March 13, 2024

We're excited to share that we have launched the Truss Partnerships Marketplace, designed to bring you exclusive deals on a variety of essential tools for construction companies.

πŸš€ Initial partners & deals

  • Check The Level – Accounting
  • Open Phone – Business Phone
  • Construction Clock – Time Tracking
  • Roofers Coffee Shop – Networking & Education
  • Ingage – Sales Enablement
  • Trayd – Payroll
  • Sitemax – Project Management
  • MetalVue by Sherwin Williams – Community & Education
  • Roofing Passport by Sherwin Williams – Estimating
  • TestedHQ – Product Testing
  • BuildStream – Recruitment
  • Certified Contractors Network – Training & Networking

🌱 Growing together

This is just the beginning! We are committed to continuously expanding our marketplace with new partners and deals to support your business's every need. As we strive to grow together, we're always on the lookout for potential partnerships that could bring additional value to you.

If you have any vendors or service providers in mind that you believe should be part of our marketplace, please let us know. Your suggestions help us ensure that we're enhancing our community with resources that matter most to you.

πŸ’‘ Accessing deals

Log into your Truss app and go to the β€œRewards” section to view more details about all partners and deals.

Thank you for choosing Truss. We can't wait to see your business thrive with these new resources. Need help or have questions? Reach out to our support team. We’re happy to help.